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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Hiatus and The End

Hello everyone.
  It has been such a long time since I have last posted. I, first, must apologize to all of my readers and followers. I am so sorry for not posting for a whole year and a half. I won't making any excuses, however, if you would all forgive me for letting you guys down, I would be beyond happy! I haven't been on this blog for so long, and was unable to see all of your encouraging comments. I had always thought that no one read anything in my blog, but once I logged in today, I saw so many encouraging comments and emails! So I want to thank you all for supporting me despite my disappearance, and I will definitely start writing again! Thank you all so much!!

                                                                                   and The End of the Hiatus!~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thinking of you. Inazuma Eleven. AtsuyaXFubuki. [18+]. By Misa~


"I'm home." The snowy haired boy murmured, as he walked through the dark hallways. His footsteps disturbing the peace - in the quiet house - as he walked toward his room opening the door. The boy was met with darkness enveloping him. Ignoring it, he switched open the lights - killing off the darkness - and walked over to his bed. He dropped his bag and flipped onto his bed - burying his face into the softness of his pillow. He then rolled over onto his back, and stared at the ceiling. Thinking… The snowy haired boy was thinking of his family… think of him.


Thinking of me? A-ni-ki~ The blazing haired boy whispered, seductively. Deciding to ignore the teasing boy, he continued to stare blankly at the ceiling.

Ignoring me, Aniki?~


You're so boring. A-ni-ki~ Atsuya - the blazing haired boy - whispered again. The snowy haired boy - Shirou - shivered, but continued to ignore him.

… Fine~ Let's see how long you can continue to ignore me. Atsuya whispered erotically.

Suddenly Fubuki's arm slipped under his shirt and brushed against his nipples… He was loosing… loosing control to Atsuya.

A-Atsuya…! Stop it!

Hmm~ Did you decide to stop ignoring me? Aniki~ As he said this Fubuki's/Atsuya's arm brushed against Fubuki's sensitive nipples again.

Hnn.. A-Atsuya!… S-Stop it…! Ignoring the fair haired boy, Atsuya continued to stroke his chest, his other hand slipping into his pants - palming the tented boxers, as pre-cum seeped through.

Haah, A-Atsuya!… S-Stop it!…

You know you don't want me to stop, A-ni-ki.

A-Atsuya!… Atsuya continued his onslaught of pleasure, as he now stroked Shirou's hot member. Wet sounds reverberated through the room, along with Shirou's erotic mewls of pleasure.

Nee~ Aniki, you feel good right? So do I. Atsuya murmured, the tease in his voice gone, as he also panted with pleasure.

Ahh!! A-Atsuya! Cumming… Im cumming! Shirou yelled, as he came. White painting his chest, as Atsuya continued to pump Shirou's cock - letting him ride out his orgasm.

The snowy haired boy slumped back onto the bed, as he breathed hard. His eyes slowly unglazing, as he came down from his high.


Suddenly Atsuya touched Shirou's cock again.

A-Atsuya! Stop! Don't touch, I-I just came! Shirou yelled, embarrassed. Ignoring the fair boy again. Atsuya continued to stroke Shirou lightly, his other hand teasing Shirou's puckered hole.

Hnn, A-Atsuya!

You know you like it Aniki. Atsuya murmured, as he probed inside Shirou's tight hole.


Atsuya went deeper, the warmth enveloping his finger, as he looked for "that" spot.

HYAAH!! Atsuya!!~

Found it~ Atsuya whispered as he stroked Fubuki's sweet spot.

Hnng! Hah! Atsuya!~

You have such an erotic voice, A-ni-ki.~ Moan for me more! Atsuya said seductively as he teased Shirou's front and back.


Atsuya suddenly added another finger, and thrusted in and out of Shirou's wet hole, brushing past his "sweet spot" everytime.

ATSUYA!! Shirou yelled, as he arched his back and came hard. Shirou collapsed on the bed, white blurring his eyes, as he panted.

A… tsuya…

A..niki… Shirou…

I love you…


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Noël. Detective Conan. KaitoXKudo. [18+]. By Misa~

"Haah... Ahh!!.. Ku!... GAAAH!!!" The brunette boy screamed, in pain, as he writhed on the cold roof floor. The cold snow - danced in the wind beautifully - but it was packed with a brittle cold, that pierced. He was curled up, his breath heavy and painful. A man - dressed all in white, his signature cape, fluttering in the wind - was standing near the boy, who had suddenly collapsed. He rushed over, concerned, - however - still keeping a slight distance.

"O-Oi?!! Tantei-san?!”

"..... Kuso... KUSO!! Why?! WHY NOW?!? KUSO!!!" The boy screamed in agony, before he fainted.


"Kudo... This is the new prototype, APTX XXXX. I've changed some of the components, so it may or may not work." The amber haired girl said, as she handed him the red and white pill.

"Arigato Haibara!!" The brunette boy - Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi - exclaimed in delight.

"Douitashimashite" The amber haired girl said, as she watched the boy walk excitedly into the restroom, to test it out.


"O-Oi... Haibara?" Conan called out meekly, from behind the door. " The prototype isn't working..."

"Hmm... that's too bad, I guess it was a failure..... but stay here... just in case." The amber haired girl - Haibara Ai - said with little concern.

"O-Okay..." Conan mumbled, dejected by the fact that the prototype didn't work. He walked over to the couch, and turned on the T.V, when suddenly that thief - Kaito Kid - showed up on the screen. He had sent a new notice to steal the Noël - a natural green jade, shaped like a christmas tree, with rare hints of red and white in it. He quickly wrote the notice down, and deciphered it; he then made his way to the notice's location - totally forgetting Haibara's cautioning.


After a hectic chasing, Kaito Kid had managed to escape again, or so he thought. He was on the roof, standing on the protective fence, when suddenly, the roof door creaked open, to show a brunette haired kid. His glasses glinted from the moonlight, as he walked over.

"Ah~ Tantei-san you've found me again!~"

"Mochironda!" Conan smirked. "I'll be taking the Noël back after all!" Conan said, as he cautiously walked over to the white thief, when suddenly, he collapsed onto the floor in pain. W-Why? Why now?! Why in front of Kaito Kid!?? Conan thought before he fainted from the excruciating pain.


The man dressed in all white - Kaito Kid/Kuroba Kaito - was standing on the other side of the suite room. A black silhouette was laying on the wide bed unconscious, when suddenly, the silhouette sat up, awaking from it’s slumber.

Conan/Kudo woke up to find himself in a suit room, with the thief, Kaito Kid, standing on the other side of the room, his emotions masked by the shadows from the moonlight. They stared at each other, observing, when suddenly Kaito Kid spoke. "So... Tantei-san.. Ie, Kudo Shinichi ka? Want to explain the situation to me?” Kudo Shinichi - Edogawa Conan - merely looked away. He refused to explain, or reveal anything.

"Hooh... so you're going to play the silent card." Kaito Kid - Kuroba Kaito - said, a smirk dancing in his eyes. He suddenly got up, and walked over to the defenseless teenager and-


".....Eh?" Shinichi looked up, only to see cold, silver handcuffs on his wrists, binding him to the bed. " W-What are you doing!!?"

"Well~ If you aren't going to tell me, then I guess I'll just have to inspect your body myself, to find an answer." Kaito said, as he took off Shinichi's clothing.

"W-Wait!! S-Stop!!..." Kaito stopped and looked at the struggling boy.

"Are you going to give me an explanation?" The struggling detective looked away, still refusing to give an answer.


"I guess that's a no." Kaito said, slightly irritated.

The brunette teenager in front of him was now naked, his creamy legs hid his member between his slender legs. Kaito smirked and bent down to suck and kiss those creamy legs, leaving bright, red hickeys. Shinichi shuddered beneath those soft lips, that left fluttering, butterfly kisses. He carassed those pale, supple legs eroticly, slowly spreading those graceful legs apart, untill Shinichi was laying there, hands bound to the bed, naked, legs spread apart, and lips, begging to be kissed. Kaito closed the distance, between both their faces, that were inches apart.

"W-What are you doing?" Shinichi mewled softly, when Kaito suddenly closed the tiny gap, between their faces. Kaito kissed Shinichi, sucking and biting his lips, entwining both their tongues into a battle of dominance, saliva dripped down Shinichi's soft chin, as the passionate kiss went on. Then finally, Kaito let go of those supple lips.

"Haah...!" Shinichi moaned, breathy. Kaito smirked, as he saw the others dazed, lusty eyes.

"What's wrong Tan-tei-san?~ Aren't you going to resist anymore?" Kaito said, as licked his lips erotically.

"N-Na--!! S-Stop it!! Kono bakayaro!" Shinichi yelled, his face flushed red, from embarrassment, as he struggled against Kaito. Kaito ignored, the brunette teenagers struggling, and instead, suddenly grabbed his hard member, giving it a light squeeze.

"A-Ah!" Shinichi moaned, from the sudden pleasure. Kaito smirked, as he continued to stroke the boys hot member. He watched Shinichi's face flush a rosy red, his lips were parted slightly, and his breathing quickened, his eyes were dazed and clouded, with lust.

"Uwaah!!" Shinichi yelled, as he felt Kaito's finger, probe his puckered hole. "S-Stop!"

"Don't worry, relax... Shinichi" Kaito said, his voice husky, as sweat rolled down his face.

"N-No way!" Shinichi moaned, as he shook his head; his eyes were squeezed shut, and tears rolled down his cheeks. Kaito bent down and licked the salty tears, off his cheeks; his hands were stroking the teenagers, erect member, the other probed deeper.

"Ha..ah...!!.. UWAAH!!" Shinichi suddenly yelled, in shocked ecstasy.

"Mi-tsu-ke-ta!~" Kaito smirked, as he probed Shinichi's sweet spot. He kissed the teenager, smothering his erotic moans.

"Hnn!!.. Hah...! AAh! I-I'm cumming!~ Hnng!" Shinichi yelled, his back arched, as he felt the heat spilling out, white clouded his eyes, as he came, painting his chest white. He collapsed back onto the suite bed, bathing in his afterglow.

"Ah~ I-chya-ta~" Kaito teased, as he licked the white essence, off his hand.

"U-Urusai...!" Shinichi panted, Kaito smirked at the teenager, and suddenly pushed both of Shinichi's creamy legs up, and grinded against his erect cock, against his sensitive hole.

"N-Na!! Ch-Chotto matte!" Shinichi yelled in panic. Kaito smiled gently, and brushed a loose strand of hair, from the teenagers eyes; he then bent down and kissed the boy's swollen lips, their tongues entwined in a heated battle, when suddenly, Kaito thrusted his hard cock inside Shinichi's hot hole.

"Uwaah!!!" Shinichi yelled in pain. "I-It hurts!" he whimpered, tears flowing down his wet cheek.

"Tch! Shi-Shinichi... relax! Kaito said, his voice raspy. He grinded against him, making Shinichi mewl in pleasure.

"Hnnh... Ah!!" Shinichi moaned, as Kaito started to thrust into the boy, his hand stroked the mewling boy's, leaking member, his other, rubbed and pinched his pert, nipples.

"Ku! Hah... Ahh! D-Don't touch m-my... n-ni..pples...!~" Shinichi moaned in embarrassment.

"Why not? It's so cute!~" Katio murmured, as he bent down and sucked on them, while his cok pounded into his slutty hole, making sure to brush past the boy's sweet spot every time.

"Hyaah!! N-No... way.. Kuu!.. I-I'm cumming! AHHH!!~"




Merry Christmas!~
I hope everyone got what they wanted! or at least yummy presents, under the tree!
Sorry, I haven't been posting anything lately! >.<
I'll be posting a Detective Conan, Christmas fic later in the day!~
So look forward to it!~ 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween&Kuroko. Kuroko No Basuke. Generation Of MiraclesXKuroko. [-17]. By Misa~

It was after school in Teiko Chugakko, students were going home to snuggle inside their kotatsu - keeping away from the cold... However, four silhouette's - Teiko Chu's basketball club - were idly waiting in the cold gym, for their captain and their phantom sixth member.


The first stingers had been dismissed already, leaving for home, except for the Generation of Miracles, that were idly waiting for their frequently late captain, and their surprisingly late, phantom sixth member - so they could start practice.


"Ne~ Aominecchi~"


"What is Kurokocchi scared of?"

The purple haired boy that was standing idly -eating a snack - had now dropped it on the floor. The emerald haired boy that was standing there, just stared at the blonde – his lucky item, followed suit. While the sapphire haired boy that was next to the blonde - sitting, - was now upright, looking at the blonde as if he was crazy.

"E-Eh? Nani?" The blonde questioned, shocked at everyones reaction.

“That is a remarkable question, Ryouta.” The heterochromatic boy said, as he walked into the gymnasium.





The heterochromatic boy merely smiled sadistically, as he walked into the gymnasium. "Since you have asked such an intriguing question Ryouta, let us find out.

~The next day~

Four silhouettes looked up, at what was supposed to be Teiko Chugakko’s first string gymnasium; what was once a normal gymnasium, was now turned into a haunted house. The once spotless building, was now black and dirty - its interiors were layered with, dust and cobwebs - the once familiar building, was now foreign.

“N-NANI!!?” The sapphire haired boy yelled, when he laid his eyes on the building. The blonde next to him was in a state of shock, and soon he fainted – his soul traveling to the afterlife. The emerald haired boy in the back, had dropped his lucky item of the day, and just stared in disbelief at the building. The purple haired boy’s eyes widened and he dropped his bag of snacks.

“Daiki, Ryouta, Shintaro, Murasakibara.”

“Oi! Akashi! What is this?!”




The heterochromatic boy merely smiled – sadistically.

“Gather around!”


An azure haired boy could be seen, standing in front of Teikou Chugakou’s gymnasium. His deadpanned face, revealed nothing; he merely walked into the gymnasium, not a hint of emotion visible.


The blue haired boy – Kuroko Tetsuya – walked toward the gymnasium door, opening it - the door creaking, - when suddenly a giant, purple haired Frankenstein – munching on snacks, appeared.



The two stared at each other, before the other just walked around the purple Frankenstein and continued to walk into the gym, leaving the purple haired boy, with a passive face.


Kuroko continued to walk deeper into the spacious gym, the darkness enveloped him, when suddenly a blonde haired vampire, embraced him, from behind.

“Kurokocchi!~ I’ll suck you dry!~” As the vampire said this, he nibbled the azure haired boy’s creamy skin. Kuroko just stood, there a blank expression on his face, before he hit the blonde on the head.

“Ow!~ K-Kurokocchi!~” The vampire sobbed, but the blue haired boy, ignored him and continued on.


Kuroko was almost at his destination – the locker rooms, – when suddenly an emerald haired mummy, appeared before him.


They stared at each other, neither saying a word, before the emerald haired mummy, simply walked away.


The azure haired boy continued on, finally reaching the locker rooms, when suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulders, Kuroko turned around to be faced with-


-Aomine flying in the air, by the punch that Kuroko just gave.

“O-Oi! Tetsu! What are you doing!?!” Aomine yelled, sprawled on the floor, holding his bruised cheek.

“Ah….. Gomen... It’s because you scared me.”



“….. It’s because Aomine-kun is scary in the dark…”


Four silhouettes could be seen staring at the pair.

“Pfft! A-Aominecchi got p-punched!” The blonde vampire giggled, as he looked at the tan boy sprawled on the floor.

“Kise, didn’t you get hit by Kuroko too?” The emerald haired mummy, asked.


“Kuro-chin is scary, when you scare him.” The purple haired Frankenstein pointed out, as he continued to munch on his snacks.

 “Well, we now know what Tetsuya is afraid of...” The heterochromatic boy – that was absent from the whole ordeal – commented.

All four of them nodded in unison.
“Never scare Tetsuya/Kuroko /Kuro-chin/Kurokocchi, if you value your life.”


The azure haired boy continued on, finally reaching the locker rooms, when suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulders, Kuroko turned around to be faced with-


Akashi flying in the air, by the punch that Kuroko just gave.

The heterochromatic boy was sprawled on the floor. “Tetsuya…”

“…..Gomenasai, Akashi-kun…”

The four silhouettes looked at the pair, from afar.

“A-Akashi… got p-punched.. b-by T-Tetsu!!..” The sapphire haired boy said, as he rolled on the floor laughing, tears coming out of his eyes.

“Pfft!! A-Akashicchi… j-just got p-punched, b-by K-Kurokocchi!!” The blonde giggled insanely, as he held his stomach.

“D-Don’t l-laugh!” The emerald boy tried to say seriously, but he to was laughing, as he tried to hold it in.

“A-Akashichin!!” The purple haired boy mumbled, as he silently hit the wall, his whole body shaking from laughter.

Akashi, who was still sprawled on the floor, got up and looked at them all.

“Triple training for all of you.” The red head said dangerously.



Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!~
I hope everyone's having a fun time today!
I am~
Today, I'm dressing up as a guy for Halloween!~
Also, I will be adding a Kuroko No Basuke, Halloween fic, later on in the day!~
So look forward to it! >.<


Monday, September 17, 2012

Intimidation&Violence. Kuroko No Basuke. Generation Of MiraclesXKuroko. [-17]. By Misa~

Beta-ed by Ri-chan! (Ritar)

"Aka-kun, I’m going out to buy some more supplies!~" The girl with long, flowing, pink hair said, nonchalantly. The heterochromatic boy looked at her and nodded.

"Shintarou, Daiki, Atsushi, Ryouta, go with Satsuki to buy the supplies."

"Today's Oha-Asa states that I should assist someone." The emerald haired boy said, as he fixed his glasses with his middle and forefinger.

"Ehh… can't Satsuki go by herself?~" Nevertheless, the tan boy got up.

"Haai~ Aka-chin." The purple haired boy said emotionlessly, as he continued to munch on his snacks.

"Hai!~ Akashicchi!" The blonde boy said cheerfully.

The pink haired girl - Momoi Satsuki - giggled and walked out through the gym doors - the others trailing behind.

"Well since the nuisances are gone, I might as well play a game of Shogi." The crimson haired captain muttered as he walked away. Unbeknownst to them, they had all forgotten a certain phantom sixth man.


When the first string members were sure - that none of the miracle players were there, - they looked around to locate the pale, blue haired boy - who had become one of the so called "Generation of Miracles." 

After a while, they found the quiet boy - Kuroko Tetsuya - practicing by himself. The first stringers walked up to him. 

One of the benchwarmers suddenly grabbed hold of Kuroko's shirt and pinned him against the gym wall.

"You think if you keep on passing to Aomine-san, you'll get a spot in the Generation of Miracles? HUH?!!" The boy snarled at Kuroko - whose face remained passive the whole time.

"Did you hear me?! HUH?!?" The boy growled as he lifted the smaller male higher and slammed him against the wall. Kuroko winced slightly but was still apathetic to the situation he was in.


Four members of the Generation of Miracles and their manager could hear the commotion occurring from the other side of the gym door. Deciding to see what the commotion was, Momoi opened the door and was shocked to see what was happening. 

The first stringers are ganging up on my beloved Tetsu!

"What are you looking at Satsuki?" Aomine asked, as he noticed the disbelief on his childhood friend’s features. The others, also curious of their manager’s face, looked inside and were outraged. 

Those first string losers were abusing Kuroko/Tetsu/Kuro-chin/Kurokocchi!! All four of them were about to burst in there - to beat the crap out of the scums - when suddenly their eyes widened in shock - at the sight they were seeing.


"Tch. You piss me off. How dare you appear into the first string and suddenly become a member of the Generation of Miracles, when the only thing you’re good at is passing!... We've been training since we were first years! You have no right to be called the Generation of Miracles!” The boy yelled as he once again slammed Kuroko onto the wall. Kuroko's eyes were now hidden by his azure bangs, and without a word he suddenly grabbed the other’s wrist with a tremendous force. A loud crack could be heard - for Kuroko had just broken his wrist. His face was still covered by his hair, but when he looked up his eyes were dark - no longer the azure blue that it once was. He stared down at the pitiful man that was screaming in agony and holding his broken wrist. 

"Scumbag." Kuroko said as he looked up at the other first string members - that were slightly cowering in fear. "How dare you talk shit about me… I see you guys want to die." Kuroko said as he cracked his knuckles - his eyes were dark and deathly. They all quivered in fear but there was a fool that decided to go against Kuroko.

"Hah! Like we would be afraid of you-" before the poor guy could finish his sentence, Kuroko punched him in the stomach and sent him flying. He looked back again.

"Anyone else?" Kuroko asked darkly.

"W-What are you doing! It’s just one guy!" One of the first stringers shouted as he tried to get everyone to gang up on Kuroko. Suddenly confident in themselves, everyone began to "attempt" trying to attack Kuroko; but said boy annihilated each and every single one of them without breaking a sweat. By the end of it, Kuroko was standing on a groaning heap of bodies.

Suddenly the rasp of the gym doors could be heard, as it echoed throughout the gym. Kuroko turned around and saw the gym door open, but nobody was there.

"Momoi-san must have forgotten to close it properly." Kuroko muttered as he walked over to close the door. Little did he know, four members of the Generation of Miracles and their manager were hiding behind the door. 

Five silhouettes could be seen frozen into place even after the door was closed. The first one to talk was Murasakibara - who had dropped his snacks onto the floor.

"…Well I guess Kuro-chin doesn't seem so harmless after all." Murasakibara muttered as he shivered a bit from the memory.

"He definitely inherited something from Akashi…" Aomine said in disbelief.

"…Today's Oha-Asa stated not to anger an Aquarius…" Midorima said as he shuddered slightly.

"K-Kurokocchi… " Kise mumbled, fear evident in his voice. 

"Tetsu-kun I fell in love with you all over again." Momoi said dreamily. The four Generation of Miracles groaned inwardly.


"Ah.. Akashi-kun, welcome back." Kuroko said blandly as he continued practicing - ignoring the bodies that were piled up on the floor. Akashi walked in with a slightly raised eyebrow at the scene, but soon he smirked as he realized what happened and simply walked over to Kuroko - also ignoring the heap of bodies.

"Have you seen Shintarou, Daiki, Atsushi, Ryouta, and Satsuki?" Akashi asked. "They should’ve been back by now." As if on cue the four Generation of Miracles - and their female manager - came in, though they avoided eye contact with Kuroko - excluding Momoi.

"Ah, welcome back." Kuroko said to them emotionlessly.

"I’m back Te-tsu-kun!~ " Momoi sang out, delighted.

That was when all four pairs of eyes landed on the pile of human bodies that were strewn around the gym. They were groaning, as black and blue covered their fleshes.


The four members of the Generations of Miracles learned and important lesson that day.

Never piss Kuroko/Tetsu/Kuro-chin/Kurokocchi off…!